Inteliglass – revolutionary intelligent glass

Inteliglass(intelligent glass/plastic film) is an absolute innovation on our market. It isa special developed film which is stuck on glass areas by simply way and itchanges its design from non-transparent (icy matt) to transparent with electriccurrent. Furthermore, it can be also used as a professional projection areawith HD resolution.

Revolutionary productInteliglass can change any window from transparent design to non-transparent ina second. Switching over these two states is realized by remote control or yourmobile phone.

It consists of liquid crystalof polymer and it always changes its design when electric current is activated.There are a lot of coloured designs in offer (white, light grey, pink, blue,green and yellow colour).

Except that we emphasize thatformation of privacy is not the only advantage of this plastic film – at bothmodes (on and off) it can be used as a professional projection area with HDresolution with the possibility of front and back projection. Thanks to thisunique property it can be used for projection of advertising or other spots –towards interior or street.

Technical Specifications
Thickness0.7 mm
Length 1 piece of plastic filmwithout limitation
Width 1 piece of plastic filmup to 1.5 m
Voltage230 V / 50V
Frequency 50/ 60 HZ
Current 0.1 amp per m2
Consumption of energy4-7 watt per m2
Changing over1 second
Operation (ON) transparent
(OFF) non-transparent

Intelligentglass Inteliglass can provide a modern design and multifunctional usage to themost featureless area. The only touch can make from any glass area a spacewhich can give an impression, create privacy, is used as a projection area orreplace shutters or window blinds. Thanks to its unique properties it offersyou a wide spectrum of usage.

  • luxurious accessory of living (stylish substitution of curtains, HD cinema, shower bath... )
  • shops (visual projection of advertisement in glass shop windows, imaginable element for presentation of goods – wow effect),
  • bank institutions, insurance companies (creation of privacy, safety ... )
  • business and technological centres (creation of privacy in conference rooms)
  • hotels (presentation rooms, sauna, areas around the pool)
  • health-care facilities (it provides privacy and dignity for patients and it keeps hygienically suitable environment of modern hospitals)
  • car industry (accessories for car glass)

Price offer

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